Jerry Clark


Since starting out as an intern at the Relativity Records office in Atlanta in 1993, Jerry Clark has assisted in propelling some of the biggest names in Urban music and is one of the industry’s most respected figures. One cannot mention Atlanta’s ascension in the hip hop culture without mentioning his name. His mark on breaking artists is indelible! He’s been at the forefront of pushing Atlanta  and making it a hotbed for the culture. From his early work with Bone Thugs n Harmony, Three 6 Mafia, 8Ball and MJG to producing the first National Urban Fashion show tour (Hip Hop Styles of Fashion) in the late 90’s to being Vice Pres of Promotions for Steve Rifkind and his SRC label to being hand picked by Jermaine Dupri and the late Shakir Stewart to be Vice Pres of Island/Def Jam, Jerry Clark’s contributions to the overall Culture are now set to be seen and heard with the StoryTime with Legendary Jerry Podcast

STWLJ is filled with true stories and interviews from the “Golden Age” of the hip hop culture and narrated by someone who witnessed it all from Atlanta. The podcast celebrates the culture by focusing on the sensational role Atlanta has played. Atlanta influences everything!!!

Brandon Lee


If there is a need for creative services, Brandon can make it happen. Coming from Columbus, GA (just south of Atlanta), he started his B’Lystic Productions brand in 2004. B’Lystic Productions began with music production and quickly evolved into the visual services and web/graphic design that is offered today.

Brandon “B’Lystic” Lee now resides in Atlanta and continues to draw the attention of other creatives and artistic individuals to collab with. It was inevitable to link with Legendary Jerry in helping with the behind the scenes magic of the greatest podcast you will witness.